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In Review: Coast Line Credit Union which serves South Portland, Maine

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

“Selected an Excellent Choice Credit Union, Coast Line Credit Union located in the beautiful city of South Portland, Maine, has a long history of providing high-quality financial services to its members."

By: Allan R Kirby

Top Credit Union Selected an Excellent choice credit union, Coast line credit union (CLCU) provides high quality financial services to south portland.

We review Credit Unions: feels compelled to find the best credit unions and community banks to write a small review. These reviews are to help you learn more about community banks, possibly one that's in your area that you might be interested in. In this review we are choosing the following local Credit Union:


Location: South Portland

Headquartered: 333 Cottage Road

South Portland, ME 04106.

Contact Info:

Branches: 1

Year Established: 1927


Coast Line Credit Union (Coast Line CU) is a single branch full-service bank that serves the Counties of Cumberland, Sagadahoc, and York in the great State of Maine. Our decision to name Coast Line CU, Excellent Choice Credit Union, was based on our own research on reviews, services offered as well as their commitment to their membership and the communities they serve. What we found was a great community credit union that provides great services such as the totally free checking account which provide the following advantages:

  • No Monthly Service Charge

  • No Minimum Balance

  • Remote Deposit Capture

  • Access to your funds from nearly 5,000 Shared Branching locations nationwide

  • Online Banking & Mobile Banking

  • TellerPhone - Touch tone & voice access 24 hours a day

  • Free check orders for all members 50+ (limit 2 per calendar year)

  • Courtesy Pay Available

  • Bill Pay Service Available

  • Notary Services

"South Portland is known for th Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse which first opened in 1897."

Coast Line Credit Union currently has 70 million in assets, 1 branch, and over 3500 members. ibanknet. Coast Line Credit Union, which was originally chartered as the Railroad Workers Credit Union of Maine in 1927. The credit union was set up to serve the employees of the Maine Central Railroad Company and/or Portland Terminal Company. In 1996 the name of the credit union was changed to Coast Line Credit Union to reflect its expanded field of membership.

"Although there is not a lot of customer reviews for Coast Line Credit Union, they still sport a 5 out 5 from Google Reviews."

We will now provide you some additional highlights of Coast Line credit union well as their commitment to their community.

Free4ME Checking Accounts:

We love to highlight Credit Unions that provide services to younger generations to help them get started and Coast Line CU does not disappoint, they provide younger members a service called the free4ME checking account for the 18-25-year-old.

What you Get:

  • No Monthly Service Charge

  • No Minimum Balance

  • Oops! Refund: Twice per year, you can call and get a service fee charge reversed

  • Free debit/check card

  • Free Online Banking & Mobile Banking

  • Free e-Statements

  • Free SURF ATM network use: Use any SURF ATM network cash machine for free!

  • Free Remote Deposit Capture

  • Access to your funds from nearly 5,000 Shared Branching locations nationwide

  • TellerPhone - Touch tone & voice access 24 hours a day

  • Courtesy Pay Available

Club Accounts are available:

Although not popular with major banks, club accounts are still available at most credit unions like Coast Line Credit Union. These types of accounts are great to help you save for something such as vacations, holidays, or buying gifts for Christmas without having to go into debt. The following are the two club accounts available:

All-Purpose Club Account

An unlimited number of Club Accounts can be opened to help with savings goals or budgeting purposes and can be named for their purpose (i.e. taxes, vacation, wedding fund, etc.). These accounts can be managed online or in person.

Holiday Club Account

Great for reducing stress by having the money to buy gifts. The credit union allows you to make small deposits all year long. Holiday club accounts can be opened at any time. Funds are disbursed Mid-October.

Details of the club accounts

  • Unlimited deposits

  • No penalty for withdrawal

  • No minimum balance

Commitment to Community:


We always check to see if the credit union we are reviewing provides scholarships and Coast Line CU does not disappoint us. The credit union is proud to play a part in the continuing education of the youth in the communities served. They offer two $1,000 scholarships to graduating High School Seniors pursuing college or other post-secondary schools.

Members can volunteer

Coast Line Credit Union does ask for volunteers from the member-owned financial cooperative. Coast Line relies on member volunteers to serve on its Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee. Volunteers ensure financial soundness and guide strategic and policy decisions in a wide variety of areas including technology (i.e., website, online banking).

Excellent Choice Credit Union:

With great services, a commitment to their community and youth not to mention their long history of providing financial services to South Portland, Maine, it's not hard to see why this is such a great Credit Union. This is why believes Coast Line is well deserved to receive the designation of Excellent choice, Credit Union [2]. So if you're looking for a great community-based credit union and you live or plan to live in the areas that Coast Line CU operates this could be a great financial institution for you.

Finally, we found that the Coast Line CU is a federally insured credit union through NCUA [1].


Who is Eligible:

As per their website: You are eligible to join Coast Line if you fit one of these requirements:

  • Any persons who live, work, worship, or attend school in the Counties of Cumberland, Sagadahoc or York, State of Maine

  • Businesses located in the Counties of Cumberland, Sagadahoc or York, State of Maine

  • Employees of Maine Central Railroad, its subsidiaries, affiliates, or associates

  • Employees of Boston and Maine Railroad Company, its subsidiaries, affiliates, or associates

  • Employees of Springfield Terminal Railway Company, its subsidiaries, affiliates, or associates

  • Spouses, children, siblings, parents, grandparents, and grandchildren, including step and adoptive relationships, of and persons living in the same residence maintaining a single economic unit with the persons within the credit union's field of membership are also eligible for membership

  • To open a Coast Line business account, all sole proprietors, partners in a partnership, member of a limited liability company, or stockholders must be in Coast Line's field of membership.

Joining is simple:

A share account, which is a savings account, establishes credit union membership. A minimum deposit of $5.00 opens the account and allows members to take advantage of all the products and services that Coast Line has to offer.

Always a member:

Once you join, even if you retire, change employers, or relocate, you and your family may remain members of Coast Line and continue to have full access to our full line of products and services.

Apply Now to become a member.


The following provides additional information on Coast Line services, branches as well as hours of operation.

Services Offered:

Full-Service Credit Union: Yes


Coast Line Credit Union Routing Number: 211288417

Personal Banking:

Savings Accounts

Checking Accounts

free4ME Checking Accounts

Money Market Accounts

Certificate Accounts

Club Accounts

IRA Accounts

Credit Union Loans:

Auto Loans

1st Time Auto Buyer Loans

2nd Chance Auto Loans

Starter Loans

Personal Loans

Share Secured Loans

Recreational Vehicle Loans

Home Equity Loans

Mortgage Loans

Student Loans

Credit Union Online

Online and Mobile Banking: Yes

Coast Line Credit Union Branch Location:

Coast Line Credit Union Branch

333 Cottage Road

South Portland, ME 04106


(207) 799-7245

(800) 660-9494 Maine

(800) 582-9294 Nationwide

Office Hours

Monday - 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Tuesday - 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Wednesday - 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Thursday - 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Friday - 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM


Google Maps

Fax (207) 799-9FAX (207) 799-9329

TellerPhone Automated Service (855) 343-2240 (207) 805-9800 Greater Portland

To Report Lost or Stolen ATM or VISA Check Card (207) 799-7245 During Normal Business Hours (800) 472-3272 After Hours


About Community Credit Unions:

Are Community Credit Unions Better vs Banks?

Community Credit Unions are local banks that provide financial services to smaller communities and tend to be better than major banks for several reasons which include:

  1. Better rates on savings accounts and certificates of deposits.

  2. Competitive mortgage rates.

  3. Fees tend to be lower at community banks.

  4. Local deposits are used to make loans to local businesses.

  5. Community Credit Unions tend to have a better understanding of the communities they serve.

  6. Community Credit Unions tend to have a more personalized customer service experience and have higher customer satisfaction rates.

  7. Community Credit Unions provide local jobs and support local charities.



1. The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) is one of two agencies that provide deposit insurance to depositors in U.S. depository institutions. NCUA's standard maximum share insurance amount at $250,000.00.

2. Periodically will name a credit union as a top choice (Top credit union) based on several criteria such as customer and employee reviews, complaints, satisfaction, growth, locations, brand, and social responsibility. We only select the best credit unions, so they must meet minimum standards of excellences (Excellent Choice) to be reviewed by

In Review is a segment of the blog written by Allan R Kirby, who writes and produces Personal Finance articles and videos.


Disclosure: nor the author received any compensation from the mentioned credit union for this article. The article is our opinion only and is written to help readers learn more about local credit unions.


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