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Personal Finance, Money Coaching and Community banking blog

Providing realistic and authentic personal finance and money management articles, videos as well as publishing Mysuccess Personal Finance Magazine


Keeping Personal Finance and Money Management Simple and Easy

MySmallBank understands that we cannot all be financial gurus nor do we have the time and patients to read through long and sometimes complicated articles.  


Instead Mysmallbank.com wants to keep our financial information simple and honest and allow you, the reader to pick and choose which advice works best for you.

MySmallBank knows that there is never a single financial method to follow and respects that everyone is in a different position and situation with regard to their finances.   Hopefully our advice helps our readers improve their understanding of managing finance and reach their goals.

Meet The Team

Allan R Kirby


Allan is a university graduate in Economics, Computer Science, Business Administration and General Studies as well as a college graduate in Management.  Allan has over 20 years experience in accounting, data processing and dissemination, data analytics, IT project management, client relations, service delivery and strategic planning.      

Allan writes personal finance content through Mysmallbank.com and social media that is realistic and helps to empower people to become better with their finances, meaning he does not assume success is given, does not do highlight mistakes or try to create quilt with his readers, nor does he try not to oversimplify investing and rates of return. Most importantly he does his homework, understand the importance of basic research and leverages his many years of corporate and personal experience.

Dr. Allan Kirby

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