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Mad Money Lightning Round Recap: May 17th to 21th 2021

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

The following are stocks highlighted during the Mad Money segment called the "Lightning Round" on CNBC hosted by Jim Cramer at 6 pm most weeknights."

Mad Money Recap provides a review of the segment called Lightening round whereby Jim Cramer provides his opinion on stocks.   CNBC mad money is aired weekly at 6 pm.

Monday, May 17th

Anthem: “I think if anything I would buy more of it. That’s how much I like them.”

Beyond Meat: “Call me a believer ... I think that this one is a winner longer term. Short term, obviously a loser.”

Snowflake: “I want you to hold Snowflake ... because [CEO] Frank Slootman runs that company. I know it sells at 55 times sales, but I will tell you this, he will make money for you because that’s what he does is make money. So please, don’t dump it.”

Tuscan Holdings: “You’re going to be taking some pain.”

Aflac: “Good insurance company. Not great, not bad.”

Proto Labs: “I’ll have to do some work.”

United Microelectronics: “I think [it’s a buy].”

Emergent Biosolutions: “Jimmy Chill is hard-pressed to be chill on that one. That’s a disaster, and I’m being really, really nice .... I feel bad for JNJ that they ever decided to contract with them.”


Tuesday, May 18th

Harvard Bioscience: “They had a good quarter and it was better than expected ... I think it’s a decent spec, let’s put it that way.”

Oneok: “I happen to like Oneok ... They are a very conservative company. They’ve done a very good job ... I think you’ve got a good one there, if not a great one.”

Ammo Munitions: “I’ve got to study this one.”

Riot Blockchain: “Riot Blockchain is just a proxy, frankly, for bitcoin ... If you think bitcoin’s going up, you buy Riot Blockchain. If you don’t, then you sell Riot Blockchain.”

ViacomCBS: “You need another Archegos. We need another darned stupid fund manager, who’s considered to be brilliant by really rich people because he’s rich, who can fool a lot of people to take the stock up to $90 and then got clobbered.”

Montrose Environmental: “The landfill business has gotten to be a great business again ... This is a little speculative name, but I have to say I like the waste business. So I think you’re going to do OK.”

Turtle Beach: “I am so convinced that Logitech is going to do better than Turtle Beach.”


Wednesday, May 19th

Cerence: “I’m not playing.”

Lithium Americas: “It’s a yawn, for me. I want great innovation. I don’t want minerals, I want innovation and I just don’t see it happening there.”

Blink Charging: “We’re going to let this [EV] area cool down.”

Marvell Technology: “It’s a good place [to be].”

MicroVision: “It’s a battleground. It’s considered to be a tug-of-war between the longs and the shorts ... I want you to take a substantial amount of your money out. I don’t care if it’s the greatest stock ever, you are a winner, sir ... Please, take some off the table.”

Oracle: “It’s been just a smoke show. I mean, I cannot believe that everyone has decided that Oracle is a great value here ... I’m not going to fight Oracle because I happen to like [CEO] Safra Catz too much.”

GlaxoSmithKline: “I don’t think that yield is safe. I truly want GlaxoSmithKline to do well ... I am not a big of a fan of it as I once was and I’m glad the stock’s back, so maybe you can take a little off the table if things don’t work out. That would be my suggestion to you.”

CoStar: “My take is they should just come on [‘Mad Money’] before I opine.”


Thursday, May 20th

Hyliion Holdings: “These companies are all doing what they should do, but the market doesn’t like them as much as they used to, including Hyliion. It’s doing exactly what it should do, so longer-term it should pan out.”

Paysafe: “That is Bill Foley ... if Bill is in there, then I think you can buy more, frankly.”

Shift Technologies: “You mentioned the one I really like, Lithia ... That’s the one to buy. They are a very, very good company.”

Utz Brands: “Utz did not have a good quarter. Utz is now showing what it’s like to not have the scale that Frito Lay has. I would prefer you to buy PepsiCo because we’re at a time where freight and cost of goods sold are going up, and Utz can’t pass it on as easily as Frito Lay can.”


Friday, May 21th

Opko Health: “It’s problematic because you have BioReference, and that’s calming down because of the pandemic, and then you have all these other great things that they’ve got that they’ve got to start talking about, but they don’t want to come on the show, so I have to say, ‘pass.’”

Boston Omaha: “I’m going to say, ‘hard pass.’”

WD-40: “Penalty box! That last quarter was a miss. There’s no denying it. It is an unlikely thing for WD-40 ... I’m going to put it in the penalty box. Two majors, that means I need to see two more quarters.”

UP Fintech: “I say it’s nay.”

MP Materials: “If you want to hold it long-term I think there’s real value here, but short-term you know it’s a part of a whole cohort of stocks that nobody can get rid of and it doesn’t matter what they make, and that’s the problem with MP.”

Nokia: “Nokia had a decent quarter, and so did Erickson, by the way. I’m giving you a twofer.”

Marathon: “I like Conoco — I added that one — and I like Chevron in the majors, and then I still like, by the way, Pioneer is terrific.”


What time is mad money on?

Mad Money airs weeknights at 6 PM ET on CNBC and is hosted by Jim Cramer. However, although the show does air most weeknights it occasionally does not air episodes on some weeknights when the Host Jim Cramer is absent Additionally, the show also airs in Australia during the following times: Saturday 09:00, 22:00, 23:00 SYD, Sunday 22:00, 23:00 SYD, Monday 04:00, 05:00 SYD.

What channel is mad money on?

Mad Money airs on CNBC. Mad Money is a financial television show with segments such as the "Lightning Round" and I am I Diversified. The first aired on CNBC on March 15, 2005.


Disclosure: did not receive compensation from any company or security highlighted in this article, nor from CNBC as well. Consider this as basic information only and utilize professional services and additional sources before making an investment decision. Additionally please refer to the CNBC mad money website for any additional information regarding the stocks mentioned above. #stockstowatch #money #finance #investing


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