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Mad Money Lightning Round Recap: October 11 to 15 2021

The following are stocks highlighted during the Mad Money segment called the "Lightning Round" on CNBC hosted by Jim Cramer at 6 pm most weeknights."

Mad Money Recap provides a review of the segment called Lightening round whereby Jim Cramer provides his opinion on stocks.   CNBC mad money is aired weekly at 6 pm.

Monday, October 11

Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation III: “I don’t like these [special purpose acquisition companies]. It’s time for them to stop. Ford is involved with one that we had last week, and I like that, but I’m not going to just sit here and recommend the SPACs anymore. It just hurts too many people, and people should stop filing them.”

Macy’s: “I like Macy’s very much, but it’s not a high flyer. It’s just that [CEO] Jeff Gennette is just doing a very, very good job. He’s doing actually a phenomenal job and if we get anywhere near the immunization we should have, that stock goes to $30. I just feel like it’s had a nice move, but it’s not over.”

Noodles & Company: “I know it’s been around. Maybe it’s making a comeback, but it’s been two steps forward, two steps back. I’m not going there.”

Chewy: “It has fallen out of favor, Chewy. It has fallen out of favor as people realize, you know what, Amazon is just not going to let them do anymore. I happen to think they offer specialized treatment, and it’s a good stock. I’m not going to back away from Chewy.”

ChargePoint: It’s out of favor. We did a piece recently about how we had to be very careful. Again, the SPACs, the EVs, these are companies that have hurt too many people. You can own it strictly as a speculation, nothing else.”

Caterpillar: “For the investment club, we’re not interested in Caterpillar here. We’re Nucor, and I think Nucor is a better way to be able to, if you want to invest in infrastructure, it’s going to be Nucor. That’s the one you want to be in. I like Caterpillar, though.”


Tuesday, October 12

Doximity: “Doximity is, it’s such a great company, up very big today. Here’s the problem with Doximity, that’s the kind of stock that people have turned on. ... I think you hold Doximity for the long run. That’s how you make money.”

Abbott Laboratories: “That’s the reason why people have been shying away from buying the stock, but they sure aren’t shying away from buying [rapid Covid test] BinaxNOW. I think that this thing is going to be with us for a long time. Remember, they already preannounced bad for BinaxNOW. They’re not preannouncing good, but Abbott’s got so many other things going for it. Let’s not call it a BinaxNOW story. I like Abbott, but I’ve liked it for multiple years and will continue to do so for the charitable trust and, of course, the CNBC Investing Club.”

Tilray: “Look, Irwin Simon runs it, used to run Hain. I happen to like him very much. I don’t like the cannabis industry except for the industrial real estate part, which is a REIT. The cannabis industry has just caused a lot of heartache, and between SPACs and cannabis, there are a lot of people who have left our stock market. I don’t want that to happen to you.”

Upwork: “Upwork, I mean, it’s like Indeed. These are like recruitment companies that are very important right now. They do it for high and white-collar people. The stock has had its high, but I think it can go higher. It’s not a bad company.”


Wednesday, October 13

TotalEnergies SE: “I like TTE. Good yield, I like the spinoff. It’s terrific. These are the kinds of things I’m looking for, by the way. I like Enbridge, too. Don’t forget. Same price, same yield.”

AGCO Corporation: “Balance sheet is a little bit better. They bought back so much stock, I actually like that. Now I would tell you that remember if Deere has a long strike, AGCO is in like Flynn, so I like the call.”

Paccar: “Paccar is a great American manufacturer. I like it very much. It’s a little out of favor right now, that makes no sense to me. I think it’s terrific. I also like Cummins.

XL Fleet: “XL Fleet is one of the worst things I’ve done. I talked positively on the show, I had them on. I screwed up. I screwed up. Why? Because everybody was excited about hybrids. Me too. I cost people money, and I apologize. I should’ve done a better job, and it won’t happen again that I can try, at least.”


Thursday, October 14

Tellurian: “Tellurian is the company that Charif Souki is the chairman of, and I got to tell you, I saw what he did with Cheniere. I think he’s going to do it with Tellurian. I think it’s a great spec. Talking about buying for [charitable trust], honestly.”

Rocket Companies: “It’s tough. I looked at it yesterday, said $15 [per share], how did it get down there? ... The housing market is peaking right now. That doesn’t mean it can’t have another revival, but I don’t want to be searching with anyone that’s really in that business right now.”

The Honest Company: “I like Honest Company. If they would come on and make a case, I would recommend it. But unless they come on, no way am I going to recommend it.”


Friday, October 15

GrowGeneration: “We recommended that stock in the teens. Then it skyrocketed to the $40s, $50s, and we decided, ‘OK, enough is enough.’ We rang the register and never looked back.”

Biohaven: “I’ve been talking up Biohaven ever since they ... basically helped me control my migraine problem. I’m the chief spokesperson for the American Migraine Foundation, and the Biohaven pill is just extraordinary and that is enough to be able to continue to carry the stock ever further. It’s called Nurtec. If you know someone or a loved one or you have a problem with migraine, I need check you to check out this drug.”

Accolade: “He stumped me. I’ve got do some work on Accolade. I’m sorry, I’m going to have to come back.”

American Eagle Outfitters: “I want you to double down. This is a very big position for the charitable trust. It’s got 3% yield. Matthew Boss, one of his favorite stocks right here. It’s one of the reasons we got involved in it because Matthew is such a great analyst; he’s with JPMorgan. We had the company on, they told a great story. It has a been [a house of pain]. ... I admit I was early, I was wrong. But now at 3% [yield], with that usual growth that it’s got, ... let’s say I can’t be sanguine because I’m down on it, but I am excited about the prospects of the future.”

RadNet: “RadNet is a good stock. It’s come down a lot, but this is the kind of health-care stock I do like. It’s a high-multiple stock, that’s what’s hurting it.”


What time is mad money on?

Mad Money airs weeknights at 6 PM ET on CNBC and is hosted by Jim Cramer. However, although the show does air most weeknights it occasionally does not air episodes on some weeknights when the Host Jim Cramer is absent Additionally, the show also airs in Australia during the following times: Saturday 09:00, 22:00, 23:00 SYD, Sunday 22:00, 23:00 SYD, Monday 04:00, 05:00 SYD.

What channel is mad money on?

Mad Money airs on CNBC. Mad Money is a financial television show with segments such as the "Lightning Round" and I am I Diversified. The first aired on CNBC on March 15, 2005.


Disclosure: did not receive compensation from any company or security highlighted in this article, nor from CNBC as well. Consider this as basic information only and utilize professional services and additional sources before making an investment decision. Additionally please refer to the CNBC mad money website for any additional information regarding the stocks mentioned above. #stockstowatch #money #finance #investing


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