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Mad Money Lightning Round Recap: May 24th to 28th 2021

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

The following are stocks highlighted during the Mad Money segment called the "Lightning Round" on CNBC hosted by Jim Cramer at 6 pm most weeknights."

Mad Money Recap provides a review of the segment called Lightening round whereby Jim Cramer provides his opinion on stocks.   CNBC mad money is aired weekly at 6 pm.

Monday, May 24th

Vale S.A.: “I can’t believe that I’m actually going to recommend Vale, but I’m going to recommend it because I just think this is a multi-year move. I do like Cleveland-Cliffs more, though, OK? Because I don’t trust that whole country to get it right. Cleveland-Cliffs is better.”

Nucor: “Listen to me on Nucor, it’s a multi-year move. ... Remember, it is the best-performing stock in the S&P so far this year. When Nucor gets going, that is nothing. It’s a multi-year move. The moves are either two or three years, so a reasonable price target? No. You have to have a reasonable timeline, and the timeline is several years out.”

Nio: “You should be switching. You should be in Tesla. Remember the piece that we did with Larry Williams... a couple weeks ago which said this is the single best time to buy Tesla, right here, right now? That’s what you’re going to do tomorrow.”

Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp. V: “That’s SoFi. I like SoFi. That’s [CEO] Anthony Noto. He’s on his game. I think you’re fine with it. I’d buy some.”


Tuesday, May 25th

Sunnova Energy International: “Tough stock because all the solar stocks are going down. They’ve been declining in price over and over. They finally started going up in price, and that is making them to be less competitive. I say you have to stay away from Sunnova.”

Alibaba: “This stock has come down a lot, Alibaba, and I do like it here very much. I think you should buy it and put it away.”

BHP Group: “I like BHP. ... I think you’ve got a good one. That’s a great nice idea. It’s a nice mosaic of what is working right now.”

Virtu Financial: “I like it... Look, we know people from it. It’s a very good financial company. I think it should be selling at a higher price than it has. It has a very low price-to-earnings multiple. I’d be a buyer of it. I think you’re in good shape.” “This stock has been very weak. A lot of people do not like the Chinese stocks right now. JD is almost as good as Alibaba. I think it’s worth holding, but understand the trade war. Understand the temper of times has not been to invest in the PRC, but that one is a good one, too.”

BJ’s Wholesale Club: “BJ’s? Why not wait until Thursday when Costco reports, because if Costco does not do a good job, then BJ’s is going to go down and you’re going to be able to pick up BJ’s, which is going to end up having nothing to do with Costco.”


Wednesday, May 26th

Chewy: “Chewy has one of those where you sign up for auto renewal. Auto renewal is the single most profitable form of business in the world today. I am a buyer of Chewy.”

Trade Desk: “Oh, he bought it when it was down. That was smart. I think it could make a comeback. The quarter wasn’t nearly as bad as the stock indicated. I think you’re son has got horse sense.”

AppLovin: “Man, how did you find that one? That’s just another one of those stocks that I’ve got to do work on because it sounds like all the other stocks. I’ll come back. I’ll do homework.”


Thursday, May 27th

Clean Energy Fuels Corp.: “It has run out of gas because we’re not going natural gas. I’m sorry.”

Stem Inc.: “Stem is good. I like the idea of what they’ve got. Good infrastructure play.”

LKQ Corporation: “You know I’ve liked LKQ. That’s the best way to make a new car from old parts.”


Friday, May 28th

No Mad Money.

Mad Money Recap, stocks mentioned: VALE, NUE, NIO, SOFI, NOVA, BABA, BHP, VIRT, JD, BJ, CHWY, TTD, APP, CLNE, STEM, LKQ.


What time is mad money on?

Mad Money airs weeknights at 6 PM ET on CNBC and is hosted by Jim Cramer. However, although the show does air most weeknights it occasionally does not air episodes on some weeknights when the Host Jim Cramer is absent Additionally, the show also airs in Australia during the following times: Saturday 09:00, 22:00, 23:00 SYD, Sunday 22:00, 23:00 SYD, Monday 04:00, 05:00 SYD.

What channel is mad money on?

Mad Money airs on CNBC. Mad Money is a financial television show with segments such as the "Lightning Round" and I am I Diversified. The first aired on CNBC on March 15, 2005.


Disclosure: did not receive compensation from any company or security highlighted in this article, nor from CNBC as well. Consider this as basic information only and utilize professional services and additional sources before making an investment decision. Additionally please refer to the CNBC mad money website for any additional information regarding the stocks mentioned above. #stockstowatch #money #finance #investing


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