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Mad Money Lightning Round Recap: June 21 to 25 2021

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

The following are stocks highlighted during the Mad Money segment called the "Lightning Round" on CNBC hosted by Jim Cramer at 6 pm most weeknights."

Mad Money Recap provides a review of the segment called Lightening round whereby Jim Cramer provides his opinion on stocks.   CNBC mad money is aired weekly at 6 pm.

Monday, June 21

Sesen Bio: “Take some off [the table]. If it doesn’t go right, this thing’s going to go to $1.”

Louisiana-Pacific: “What happens when that multiple shrinks it usually means that the earnings are going to fall apart next year. I disagree with that judgment. I’m with you. I know the stock can go lower because the chart is hideous, but I want to stick with Louisiana-Pacific.”

Gevo: “Gevo’s the kind of company that I think people should have room in their portfolio for because it’s a way to be able to have fuel that is not bad for — look, green chemicals are the future.”

Arlo Technologies: “I’ve got to do some work on that one.”

Nikola: “Life’s too short. Let’s pick another one of these.”

Advanced Drainage: “I think the stock’s going to come down, but I agree with you. I think it’s a very good situation. It’s just a nice, medium-sized-cap story about building and drainage.”

Marathon Oil: “Marathon Oil’s OK. It got an upgrade today. You know I prefer Chevron ... but you’re going to be fine in Marathon. It’s just not as high quality as I would like, but it’s a $13 stock that’s probably going higher.”


Tuesday, June 22

XPO Logistics: “I think XPO is an excellent company and will be even more after this spin-off. Buy, buy, buy.”

Magna International: “I love that company so much. That’s going to be a winner no matter which of ... the SPAC-car companies. They should all just higher Magna.”

Loandepot: “It’s OK. The problem is this is a very, very commodity-oriented business, and if this is new to you and you’re just starting I’d rather you in a dividend stock, I’d rather see you in a more consistent player than Loandepot.”

Torchlight Energy: “That’s a meme stock. It had huge volume, and then they raised money. I am actually a believer in meme stocks that have raised money because then they’re better.”

Qualcomm: “I like Qualcomm. I like Qualcomm a lot. I think it’s a buy here.”


Wednesday, Jun 23

First Solar: “I think you’re in great shape. I think that stock’s going to move up.”

Gan Ltd: “Let’s take that idea off the table. We’ll keep it in our heads, but we’ll take it off the table. There are so many of these gambling companies right now, I don’t want to be in them. There are just too many of them.”

Everi Holdings: “I think you’ve got to take a little off the table. I think you’d be in good shape. That’s a nice gain. Take your cost basis out and then live to play again.”

Stem Inc: “We like Stem. We like what they are doing with the environment. We like what they are doing with energy. I didn’t expect it to take off as well as it did, but the market has suddenly fallen in love with this kind of stock again and I think you’re in good shape.”

PPG: “At this very moment, it is not going to do as well as the higher growth stocks. It just won’t.”


Thursday, June 24

Verizon: “I hear that the quarter is going to be better than expected. I think that they’re doing a lot of business with Apple. I want to buy the stock of Verizon.”

Greenbox Pos: “You should buy PayPal. I think PayPal is the winner. I want to own best of breed.”

Vuzix: “I have to do work on that billion-dollar company. I’ve got to learn more.”

Kinder Morgan: “I think KMI’s good. They’re not going to be able to build a lot of pipelines because the president doesn’t want them, therefore that makes me feel there’s scarcity value and I think you should be buying KMI.”


Friday, June 25

Carlotz: “I’m done with the used cars for now. Carmax may have been the peak when they had that really great number. I’m staying away.”

MannKind: “Speculative stock. I hated the stock for the longest time, and I was right, but everybody on Twitter kept saying, ‘how could he hate it?’ The answer is, now it’s a speculative play that I like, and you can tell your whole family that it’s just for speculation.”

Atossa Therapeutics: “I don’t know it. I’ve got to look into that one.”

TPG Pace Beneficial Finance Corp: “I don’t want to give up on it.”


What time is mad money on?

Mad Money airs weeknights at 6 PM ET on CNBC and is hosted by Jim Cramer. However, although the show does air most weeknights it occasionally does not air episodes on some weeknights when the Host Jim Cramer is absent Additionally, the show also airs in Australia during the following times: Saturday 09:00, 22:00, 23:00 SYD, Sunday 22:00, 23:00 SYD, Monday 04:00, 05:00 SYD.

What channel is mad money on?

Mad Money airs on CNBC. Mad Money is a financial television show with segments such as the "Lightning Round" and I am I Diversified. The first aired on CNBC on March 15, 2005.


Disclosure: did not receive compensation from any company or security highlighted in this article, nor from CNBC as well. Consider this as basic information only and utilize professional services and additional sources before making an investment decision. Additionally please refer to the CNBC mad money website for any additional information regarding the stocks mentioned above. #stockstowatch #money #finance #investing


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