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Mad Money Lightning Round Recap: August 9 to 13 2021

The following are stocks highlighted during the Mad Money segment called the "Lightning Round" on CNBC hosted by Jim Cramer at 6 pm most weeknights."

Mad Money Recap provides a review of the segment called Lightening round whereby Jim Cramer provides his opinion on stocks.   CNBC mad money is aired weekly at 6 pm.

Monday, August 9

Lyft: “I actually think that Lyft had a better quarter than Uber, so I would go with Lyft, but that is a very speculative segment, just so you know. Speculative segment.”

Golden Nugget Online Gaming: “You’re really just buying DraftKings [now after Monday’s acquisition announcement]. That’s a very smart acquisition for Golden Nugget people, but you’re not an arbitrager. I would ring the register. You just had a very big day today.”

Global Payments Inc: “I think it’s a good discount to buy the stock. I think these guys are very, very smart guys, and I saw a giant insider buy by the CEO, whom we’ve had on the show and is very smart. I think this is a good level. I would pick some up.”

Stem: Buy.

Mettler-Toledo International: “I’ll tell you why you never hear about it in the news. One is they’re a quiet company, and two, it’s my job to find stories like this and I have not talked about them at all. You’re absolutely right. They make great instruments. Now, the stock is expensive, but it always is expensive because it’s really good.”

Teradyne: ”[Agilent Technologies] is a better buy than Teradyne. I think you should be the letter ‘A.’”


Tuesday, August 10

EVgo: “It’s one of our favorites, but remember there are four of them that are gunning for this business, and that means it’s not all going to go to one player so be careful. It is really speculative.”

Piedmont Lithium: “Lithium is a tough, tough market, so anytime I see one of the lithium stocks I say be very, very careful. Piedmont Lithium had some of sort permitting issue that kept its stock down. ... If you want to play a lithium stock, I guess that’s a good one. Not my favorite.”

FuboTV: “Fubo just reported, and it looks like a dynamite quarter. Stock is up 10% [in after-hours trading]. There was a time when I couldn’t even pronounce it, but now I know it. They should come on [the show].”

Skyworks Solutions: “I don’t understand this stock. I don’t understand why it keeps going down. I don’t understand why people don’t like it. They have the Apple business. They made a great acquisition. They’re diversifying away. I think people who are selling this stock are going to sorely regret that they sold it.

Paysafe Limited: “I like Paysafe. Man, have I ever been wrong. I’ve been pantsed by the stock of Paysafe and yet I’m still sticking by it because of that customer list. I’m with you. The customer list is too good for us to both be wrong.”

Rxsight: “Man, I don’t know. That stock, it’s not holding up there. A lot of people are selling that stock from nine ways to Sunday. I’ve got to be careful about that one. I think you’ve got to be careful about that one.”


Wednesday, August 11

Zillow: “I don’t know. Zillow is down like 25% for the year. It’s doing quite well. I actually think it’s a decent level to buy with mortgage rates so low.”

Biohaven Pharmaceuticals: “I think you buy it. I know somebody downgraded it yesterday. They never had a migraine.”

Lightning eMotors: “I think you had it. That was the gain yesterday. That was one you had to be in yesterday or not be in at all.”

Sumo Logic: “Our viewers are smart. That is the most crowded space in the world. I’m tired of cloud-based management and analytics. Finally, finally, finally Splunk went up. Enough. Anyway, I like Snowflake in that area.”

Atlas Technical Consultants: “It’s good but it just had a gigantic gain. We want to be in things before the gain, not after the gain. I think we missed that stock.”

SoFi Technologies: “Long term, I like it. It’s Anthony Noto. They’re about to report. I think he’s doing a terrific job, and I think that’s a great stock for the long term and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy it.”

GameStop: GameStop is a little controversial. You’ve got these people that are ... nematodes and they like it a lot and good for them.”


Thursday, August 12

Karyopharm Therapeutics: “Nothing special, sir. Honestly, nothing special. I mean, look, [Bristol Myers Squibb] has unbelievable stuff against cancer, and its stock can’t get out of its own way, so what does that say?”

Iron Mountain Inc.: “Iron Mountain, why did people not like Iron Mountain? It’s unbelievable. The dividend’s got growth. I think you’re spot on. I’m liking it.”

Moderna: “Moderna, yeah, they crushed it. I did like it at $18, $19. OK, here’s the issue with Moderna: You’ve got to buy calls, not common stock, because the thing is just trading like a banshee. But I believe that [CEO Stephane Bancel] has cancer vaccines next and now he has the money to do the trials, so I am OK with Moderna.”

Nvidia: “Congratulations to [CEO Jensen Huang], winning the Noyce Award for the best [semiconductor] guy of the year.”


Friday, August 13

No Show Aired on this date.


What time is mad money on?

Mad Money airs weeknights at 6 PM ET on CNBC and is hosted by Jim Cramer. However, although the show does air most weeknights it occasionally does not air episodes on some weeknights when the Host Jim Cramer is absent Additionally, the show also airs in Australia during the following times: Saturday 09:00, 22:00, 23:00 SYD, Sunday 22:00, 23:00 SYD, Monday 04:00, 05:00 SYD.

What channel is mad money on?

Mad Money airs on CNBC. Mad Money is a financial television show with segments such as the "Lightning Round" and I am I Diversified. The first aired on CNBC on March 15, 2005.


Disclosure: did not receive compensation from any company or security highlighted in this article, nor from CNBC as well. Consider this as basic information only and utilize professional services and additional sources before making an investment decision. Additionally please refer to the CNBC mad money website for any additional information regarding the stocks mentioned above. #stockstowatch #money #finance #investing


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