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An authentic review of NowRx, a popular on-demand pharmacy.

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

“Selected a Top Choice pharmacy, NowRx Pharmacy is a innovative and highly popular on demand pharmacy that has seen significant growth since its founding in 2016."

By: Allan R Kirby

nowrx a top choice pharmacy that delivers for free and quickly.

Name: NowRx

Location: 2224 Old Middlefield Way #J, Mountain View, CA 94043

Service Offerings: On demand pharmacy

Number of Locations: 4 with more to open near term.


NowRx is an on-demand pharmacy that has rapidly grown since its founding in 2016. The key to their success is to provide free same day delivery of prescriptions and other medications to your home in hours while making the process as seamless as possible. NowRx’s competitive advantage is their complete automated system that interfaces with your insurance company, checks for drug interactions, bottling/labeling in 30 seconds. By developing and combining artificial intelligence software and robotics with a small but highly integrated logistics system, the pharmacy can fill prescriptions quickly and effortlessly and you never have to wait in line. However NowRx does not want to just fill your prescriptions they want to engage with you as well. This is done by offering video chats and texting when you have questions or concerns. Additionally NowRx takes great care to hand-deliver your medications right to your door in hours using a fleet of friendly HIPAA trained drivers.

"HIPAA training provides drivers an understanding about following policies, processes and procedures when delivering both controlled and refrigerated medications."

NowRx hopes to not only provide a more convenient pharmacy experience they want to increase medication adherence, reduce costs and improve customer service. Customers have taken notice in the areas NowRx serves, with over 28,000 customers now using the system. NowRx has now filled more than 200,000 prescriptions since they started back in 2016.

As I have mentioned in several articles, I admittingly go to a major pharmacy only because there is no independent pharmacy close to me. My experiences have not been good, the pharmacists do not know who I am, they often never provide details about my medications, never respond to my emails and are always busy. So I always applaud when I find great independent pharmacies as well as newer entrants such as NowRx who can provide a better experience for customers.

One feature I liked about NowRx was their Quickfill software that streamlines the insurance approval process and even has an automated coupon feature that automatically searches for and applies drug manufacturer coupons. I love this! but that is not all, the following highlights some of NowRx's key services.

Key Service Highlights

1. Free same-day delivery.

2. Drug coupons are applied to orders automatically.

3. Live pharmacist support available all day.

4. Manage customers refills every month and contact the doctor when the customer runs out.

5. Deliver Controlled and Refrigerated Medications.

"Good News: For limited time only new NowRx customers will receive $20 gift card for every prescription transferred to NowRx* "

*Limit $100 per customer. Offer not valid under Medicare, Medicaid, or any other federal or state program, or medication previously filled by NowRx.

Reviews of NowRx

There were a lot of reviews and I took the time to review most of them on Yelp, Facebook and Google. I am truly surprised to see such a high level of ratings from customers however it speaks volumes to the high quality service and support provided to customers. There were minimum complaints and the vast majority of NowRx reviews were 5 out of 5 while also speaking highly of their experience. As one reviewer commented:

"Absolutely. "THE BEST" Place to get your medications delivered. I take public transportation and its difficult for me to get on the bus to go to Rite Aid. I'm VERY happy with the professional care I get from the pharmacist, Their delivery staff are " THE BEST" for real.. They have a 5.0 record as you've seen and worth every ⭐ I Highly suggest that NOW RX be your one and only Pharmacy...✌"

I simply cannot argue with the responses provided by customers, I fully agree, I'm so tired of using the pharmacy chains. I took the time to read through most of the reviews and could not find any problems or concerns with the business model, services provided and support provided to customers. It's not uncommon to see terrible reviews with the big chain pharmacies but I find the opposite when it comes to many independent local pharmacies as well on demand and online pharmacies. They tend to provide a superior customer experience and are always reflected in the reviews.

"What we found wrong with GoodRx: Nothing, we found no problems potential customers could have using this service."

Top Choice on demand pharmacy

I would highly recommend readers take the time and review NowRx's services as well as the Yelp and google reviews, I think you will quickly see this is a great on demand pharmacy worth switching to if you are in the areas they serve. As a result of our review gave NowRx the well deserved designation of Top choice, on demand pharmacy. So if you're tired of the big pharmacy chains and live in the areas NowRx services are offered (Northern California, Orange County) try them today.


About NowRx Pharmacy

As highlighted on Parkers website: NowRx is an on-demand pharmacy, founded with the goal of using software, artificial intelligence, robotics, and smart logistics to create the best retail pharmacy experience possible. Specializing in free same-day delivery of prescription and over the counter medications, NowRx hand-delivers medications right to your door in hours with its fleet of friendly HIPAA trained drivers. By removing the need to visit the pharmacy, NowRx hopes to increase medication adherence and provide a more convenient pharmacy experience for millions of people.

Recent News

Recently, NowRx raised $20 Million in Series B funding to expand into new U.S. territories and accelerate its technology roadmap, transforming the way consumers get their prescriptions.


Contact Information for NowRx Pharmacy:

Northern California Service Area NowRx Mountain View 2224 Old Middlefield Way, Suite J, Mountain View, California 94043 (650) 499-3000

NowRx San Jose 1310 Tully Rd, Suite 101, San Jose, California, 95122 (650) 499-3000

NowRx Burlingame 800 Burlway Rd, Burlingame, California 94010 (650) 499-3000

Orange County Service Area

NowRx Irvine

1641 Kaiser Ave, Irvine, California 92614 (949) 619-6000

See NowRx's service areas Here

This is a review written by Allan R Kirby, who writes and produces health and parmacy related articles and videos found in the My Independent Pharmacy section of


Disclosure: nor the author received any compensation from the mentioned independent pharmacy for this article. The article is our opinion only and is written to help readers learn more about independent pharmacies, prescription discount cards and on-demand pharmacies. We actually do take the time to review the pharmacies we write about.


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