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A Review of the AAA GoodRx exclusive prescription savings that helps members save up to 85%

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

AAA members have exclusive access to save big on medications through GoodRx. Its free, simple to set up and use, all you need is your AAA active membership number to get started."


Key Takeaways:

  1. The AAA GoodRx discount program.

  2. Our short review of the AAA GoodRx discount program.

  3. Questions and answers on the AAA GoodRX program.

By: Allan R Kirby

A Review of the AAA GoodRx exclusive prescription savings that helps members save up to 85%,  aaa prescription savings review, #health #medication #goodrx #aaa #savings #discounts

The AAA GoodRx disount Program

In 2019 the American Automobile Association (AAA) partnered with GoodRx to provide AAA's 59 million members exclusive access to save up to 85% when filling their prescriptions.

This newer program is a great way to provide AAA members great savings through their discount rewards program. Any current or new member just needs to go to the AAA website and sign up by entering their membership number. There is no additional cost, it's free to use, plus members can search for the latest coupons which work at virtually every US pharmacy. This includes pet medications as well.

Our review of the GoodRx exclusive prescription savings for AAA members.

We are always open to ways to help people save on their medications and AAA's partnering with GoodRx does this at no added cost. Additionally It appears the savings you can receive on your medications are 5% to 10% higher than with a non AAA member GoodRx discount card. This means you do get additional benefits that you currently do not receive if you're using the regular GoodRx card. But since the card is free for AAA active members they can ditch the regular GoodRx card, if they are using it, and get the AAA GoodRx card to save more. We also like that you can get a physical AAA GoodRx discount card if you desire to obtain one.

"The AAA prescription savings review showed us that the card is a great benefit to AAA members provided by GoodRx."

Another benefit is you can also use the discount card and coupons for pets, but there is a catch. The card is mainly for FDA approved drugs not for compounded or pet-only medications, such as flea and tick treatments. However having access to pet medications through the savings program is added value to AAA members.

With access to over 70,000 pharmacy locations across the USA, you should find no issues finding a pharmacy that will take the AAA GoodRx card and coupons. But the great news is that if you do have problems at the pharmacy there is a number to call (1-855-470-9649) to get help. Now if there is an issue where you end up paying more for medications at a Walgreens with the card then without, GoodRx has a price matching program, but for Walgreens pharmacies only.

We think this is a great add on available to active AAA members and it should be taken advantage of. In fact you could save more using the card then using your health insurance company. Give it a try and see what you think.

What we liked:

  1. It's free.

  2. No added or hidden costs.

  3. Easy to use.

  4. You can save more than using the regular GoodRx card.

  5. It can be used for pet medications.

  6. There is a price match offer with Walgreens.

  7. Help is available when there are problems.

  8. You can save on Prescriptions, Over-the-counter medications Vitamins and supplements.

What did not like:

  1. Nothing, it's free and easy to use. We do not see any issues trying the offer provided to AAA members.

Note: Privacy concerns? You should always inquire with AAA to see if and how any of your personal data is being collected and used.

The following are some questions and answers we came up with to help AAA members understand a little more about the AAA GoodRx member discount card and coupons.

Problems with the AAA GoodRx member discount card or coupons at the Pharmacy?

If you have experienced an issue with a price at your pharmacy, you can call 1-855-470-9649, Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM CT. A GoodRx Advocate can help and they can even resolve most issues while you’re in the pharmacy.

GoodRx discount Card vs the AAA GoodRx member discount card

What we see is that AAA's partnership with GoodRx provides members additional savings of at least 5% or more than through the regular GoodRx discount card and coupons. Additionally the membership card also provides access to coupon discounts for pets as well. In all cases the savings are for both FDA approved Brand name and Generic drugs.

What pharmacies take the AAA GoodRx discount cards and coupons?

As per the AAA GoodRx website, the AAA GoodRx prescription discount card can be used at over 70,000 in the USA. This includes independent pharmacies as well as major chains such as; CVS, Walgreens Wal-Mart, Rite Aid and Kroger. Your GoodRx Prescription Discount card and coupons are good at every one.

What types of drugs can you get using your AAA GoodRx discount card and coupons?

You can get discounts for many FDA approved Brand name and Generic drugs. But that's not all you can also find savings on the following;

  • Over-the-counter medications

  • Vitamins and supplements

  • Specialty medications

  • Pet medications

What is the difference between the AAA GoodRx coupons and discount card?

GoodRx allows you to save by using either a prescription discount card and coupons. You can always use the discount card but the card may not always provide you with the most current listed coupon price. In order to get the best price listed on GoodRx you need the most recent coupon.

How do you get AAA GoodRx Prescription Discount Card?

  1. Go to the signup webpage for active AAA members only.

  2. Enter your 16-digit AAA membership number and click “Get Your Card”.

  3. Your GoodRx Prescription Discounts Card should now appear on your screen.

Is the AAA GoodRx Prescription Discount card Health insurance?

No. The AAA GoodRx Prescription Discounts is not a health plan or insurance. AAA GoodRx Prescription Discounts is a program that helps AAA members find lower drug prices by providing coupons and discounts that can be used at local pharmacies. AAA GoodRx Prescription Discounts often offers a lower price than your insurance co-pay and can be used instead of your insurance. GoodRx Prescription Discounts cannot be used with insurance or combined with any federal or state-funded programs such as Medicare.

This is a blog written by Allan Kirby, who writes and produces Personal Finance and Money Management articles and videos.


Disclosure: and the author did not receive compensation for any product or services mentioned in the article. The article is our opinion on the aaa prescription savings review and is written to help readers understand more about discount prescription drugs. Please contact AAA discount rewards program or GoodRx if you have any problems or concerns with the services. #health #medication #goodrx #aaa #savings #discounts


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