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5 great in demand topics to write about for new freelancers and bloggers.

" Looking to become a blogger as a side hustle, maybe you want to gain valuable writing experience or to just write as a hobby? Not sure where to start? I have found a couple topics that might be of interest to you."

By: Allan R Kirby blog topics to write about.

I thought it would be a great idea to provide a few great topics that may be of interest to someone looking to start a blog as a side hustle, maybe to build on your writing skill, however you're not sure what to write about. Over the past year with the pandemic I have identified a few topics that are in demand and may be of interest to you. The list is not extensive and there are many other good ideas I did not add but this is a good start. Let's see what they are.

Working from home

We are living in a new reality, where we will see more and more people working from home permanently or a hybrid version with workers being at home some days and in the office others. Articles and videos to help people find ways to improve their ability to be productive and succeed working remotely will be in high demand. People will need to learn more about how to;

  1. Developing good routines working from home.

  2. How to self motivate and avoid distractions.

  3. How to deal with family and work in the home.

If you are like me and have been working from home for the past year and have a great interest in sharing your experiences, this would be a great blog topic for you. I have found blogging is much easier when it's a subject I have personal experience in and can leverage that experience when writing articles.

Mental awareness

How to cope with stress and anxiety not only working at home with the pandemic itself is important today. I have seen many articles and new blogs designed to help people take care of their mental wellbeing using techniques such as mediation and relaxation as well as how to stay connected with family. Also writing inspirational articles to help people feel better about themselves and their situation are also becoming popular. If you have the skills and ability to write about mental awareness and can even share your positive experiences, this could be a good topic for you to write about.


One thing I quickly realised is that knowledge of technology needs to go beyond just having a basic knowledge of MS products. Many remote workers are required to leverage newer technologies such as slack and MS teams to work collaboratively on projects, zoom for communications and other cloud based technologies. Many people have not been trained or lack an understanding of using these technologies while working from home. Blogs focused on home/work based technologies are definitely required. Helping people learn how to effectively work with newer technologies to help them land new jobs or succeed in their current jobs will be highly sought after. If you have a good technology background or have learned how to easily use the latest technologies (Think: Tips and Tricks). This could be a great subject for you.

How To Choose The Right Blog Topic? It can be difficult to choose a good topic but you need to pick something that you are comfortable writing about.

Healthy living

The pandemic and subsequent lock down really changed peoples routine and habits, we will likely see this to continue long after the pandemic has resolved. People are looking more and more for lifestyle tips to stay healthy during and after the pandemic. Subjects such as stay at home activities, diet and nutrition are very popular right now. In particular meal preparation is something many people such as myself are looking for. The main reason is that I am spending more time preparing food and I am no longer going to restaurants. I have found many great online articles and videos recently about eating healthier while at home. This is a great topic for people who love writing about physical activities, preparing healthy meals as well as baking. Although this was popular before, I am finding there is still room for newer niche areas in food preparation.

DIY home projects and gardening

Just about everyone including myself are doing projects around the house and cottage. In my case I spent the last six months building walkways, stairs and even a new driveway at the cottage. All of these projects were done directly as a result of Covid-19. I am able to work during the day while spending lunches and evenings working on my projects. I save about an hour a day because I no longer need to commute, so I have been using that hour savings to work on the projects.

Like many DIY people I have spent a lot of time on youtube and DIY websites to get information on how to do things such as building exterior stairs. I found at times there was some information I could not find and I am not the only one. A neighbour of mine was working on a new garden this past summer and needed some help finding good gardening technique videos and articles. identifies Home and Garden as one of the key industries seeing increased demand due to the coronavirus pandemic. I fully expect this to continue for the next few years. This basically means there is going to be a high demand for people needing help finding new ideas with DIY projects. If you're a DIY type of person and are looking for a blog to write, this could be a good opportunity for you.

It's likely the more popular new blog topics will be relating to the new way we will work and live post pandemic.

Great blogging topics but there are many more!

These are just five great ideas and I certainly did not go into depth with them however I still believe these are going to be of interest to many people in the coming years. Even if they are not to your liking hopefully the five topics will give pause to see what you may be interested in.

Let me know what you think about these great blogging topics and good luck.


This is a article written by Allan Kirby for the My Success section of a section of our website dedicated to millennials and Gen Z to help them learn more about careers, money managment, retirement and savings.



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