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Top Investments Sites in the U.S. for Retail Investors:

We have provided a list of the top investing websites used by retail investors,   A retail investor is an individual who purchases securities using their own  account rather than through a financial institution.  Retail Investing can be much more cost effective to buy stocks and ETF's directly but it can also be more risky.  The following are considered the best sites designed to help the retail investor get informed information to make decisions on what to buy, hold or sell.

Best Investment Sites - Our Top Picks:

Data Driven Investor (DDI) is dedicated to uncovering how ordinary people can best utilize data to make those decisions. Whether through analytical tools, educational content or expert opinions, our focus is to help you leverage data to take matters into your own hands, and ultimately become a better, more empowered investor.

Seeking Alpha is the world's largest investing community. Powered by the wisdom and diversity of crowd sourcing - millions of passionate investors connect daily to discover and share new investing ideas, discuss the latest news, debate the merits of stocks, and make informed investment decisions.

CNBC is the recognized world leader in business news and provides real-time financial market coverage and business content consumed by more than 320 million people per month across all platforms. 

Best Investment Tools - Additional info:

These are's suggested choice however each person needs to determine which source of investment information works best for them.

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