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Mysmallbank.com is interested in engagement and empowerment, we are not about superficial high volume simplified financial advice.  We believe that learning and understanding about Finances is going to be a journey not a sprint for many readers. As a result we strive to ensure our personal finance articles can help our readers understand more about the world of finances and empower them to success.

Submit a Guest Post:

Please Note: We are currently limiting the number of guest posts however please inquire and we will respond.  We are still encouraging female writers to contact us about guest posting.

Thanks for your interest in guest posting on MySmallBank.com  We are always interested in receiving well written, unique posts on personal finance (debt, money management, health, retirement, investing etc...) and community banking (credit unions and community banks).  We are looking for writers who can provide simple yet positive articles and reviews that help our readers.

Please feel free to submit an article plus a short 3 to 4 sentence bio, however before submitting your post,  please note the following guidelines we have set up.

  1. Determining which guest posts are published is at the sole discretion of Mysmallbank.com,  we make no claim or guarantee of publication.   We will review the post submitted and determine if it’s applicable to our website (Personal Finance and Community Banking Articles).  

  2. Post should be something original with a good level of detail.  Articles should not be vague or difficult to understand.  Additionally articles should not be copies of other articles, we do take plagiarism seriously.

  3. We do not support articles that are designed solely to promote other websites products or services.   We do however allow a single link back to a writer's blog and social media page as part of their Bio.

  4. Posts should at minimum be 700 words and can be up to 1500 words.  Please keep paragraphs relatively short , ensure you summarize or use lists/bullets when writing.  Mysmallbank.com has plenty of examples to see how our articles are formatted.

  5. Please reference all material and add any relevant links but keep the number of links to a minimum.   

  6. If you are to be published we will notify you in advance and provide you an opportunity to submit a picture or we can provide one for you.

  7. Please only submit if you are serious about writing,  we are planning to publish a limited number of articles for guest posting at this time.

  8.  We do not pay or provide any type of remuneration for guest posts but its a good way to get started.

Submit a Guest Post
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