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Top 10 Micro/Small Credit Unions in the USA.

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

" has compiled a list of the Top 10 incredibly well-run credit unions we have reviewed. Hopefully, one of these credit unions is located in an area where you live and work."

By: Allan R Kirby review of top small/micro credit unions in the USA.  Image has logos of all 10 credit unions.  Starting left to right: Harvard University Employees Credit Union, Valley Communities Credit Union, Crossroads Community Federal Credit union. Next level: First source credit union, MIT federal credit Union, Pelican State credit union, Next: Solarity credit union, Horizon federal credit union, finally reivermakr community credit union and greater wyoming federal credit union.
Top credit unions in the usa.

The importance of reviewing Micro and Small Credit Unions:

There is no question one of the biggest issues faced by many micro and smaller sized credit unions is that they are often overlooked by many because of their size. We however believe otherwise. We provide authentic reviews to highlight great financial institutions that are often not reviewed because of their size. We do not receive any compensation or other benefits for doing such reviews. However, does feel compelled to ensure that potential members do get an opportunity to find detailed reviews that can help them make an informed decision on choosing one of the credit unions highlighted.

All of the credit unions we reviewed exceeded our minimum standards of excellence and are considered some of the best credit unions you can find in the USA. See our list and then just simply click on a selected Credit Union to read our review.


# 1 Solarity Credit Union

Name: Solarity Credit Union

Location: Yakima

Headquartered: P.O. Box 2922, Yakima, Wyoming, 98907.

Branches: 7.

Year Established: 2011.

Review of Solarity Credit Union


# 2 CrossRoads Community Federal Credit Union

Name: CrossRoads Community Federal Credit Union

Location: Cheektowaga

Headquartered: 3031 William Street, New York, 14227.

Branches: 2.

Year Established: 1939.

Review of CrossRoads Community Federal Credit Union


# 3 Greater Wyoming Federal Credit Union

Name: Greater Wyoming Federal Credit Union

Location: Casper

Headquartered: 155 W Collins, Casper Wyoming, 82601.

Branches: 1

Year Established: 1953

Review of Wyoming Federal Credit Union


# 4 Valley Communities Credit Union

Name: Valley Communities Credit Union

Location: Mosinee

Headquartered: 975 Indianhead Drive, Mosinee, Wisconsin, 54455.

Branches: 5

Year Established: 1935

Review of Valley Communities Credit Union


# 5 First Source Credit Union

Name: First Source Federal Credit Union

Location: New Hartford

Headquartered: 4451 Commercial Drive, New Hartford, New York, 13413.

Branches: 5.

Year Established: 1938

Review of First Source Credit Union


# 6 MIT Federal Credit Union

Name: MIT Federal Credit Union

Location: Lexington

Headquartered: 70 Westview St.

Lexington, Massachusetts, 02421-3142

Branches: 2

Year Established: 1940

Review of MIT Federal Credit Union


# 7 Harvard University Employees Credit Union

Name: Harvard University Employees Credit Union

Location: Cambridge

Headquartered: 104 Mt Auburn St, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02138.

Branches: 5

Year Established: 1939

Review of Harvard University Employees Credit Union


# 8 Horizon Federal Credit Union

Name: Horizon Federal Credit Union

Location: Williamsport

Headquartered: 2849 Reach Road, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, 17701

Branches: 2

Year Established: 1955

Review of Horizon Federal Credit Union


# 9 Rivermark Community Credit Union

Name: Rivermark Community Credit Union

Location: Beaverton

Headquartered: 8505 SW Creekside PL, Beaverton, Oregon, 97008

Branches: 8

Year Established: 1951

Review of Rivermark Community Credit Union


# 10 Pelican State Credit Union

Name: Pelican State Credit Union

Location: Louisiana