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In Review: TruEnergy Federal Credit Union

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

“Selected an Excellent Choice Credit Union. TruEnergy Federal CU is great credit union that has served Springfield Virginia well since 1939."

By: Allan R Kirby review of Harvard University Employees Credit Union.  HUECU

We review Credit Unions: feels compelled to find the best credit unions and community banks in order to write a small review. These reviews are to help you learn more about community banks, possibly one that's in your area that you might be interested in. In this review we are choosing the following local Credit Union:


Location: Springfield

Headquartered: 6801 Industrial Road Springfield, Virginia 22151, United States

Branches: 1

Year Established: 1939


We found TruEngergy Federal Credit Union, (formerly Washington Gas Light FCU) an incredible one branch 9,000 member organization that is packed full of service offerings. We took the time to investigate ourselves to see if this is a great credit union for qualified members to bank at. To determine how we felt about the TruEnergy Federal Credit Union we needed to look at reviews, services offered as well as their commitment to their membership and the communities they serve. What we found was this is a great credit union that is clearly shown by the high satisfaction and reviews found online.

TruEngergy Federal Credit Union currently has close to $130 million in assets, one branch and nearly 9,000 members. ibanknet. Additionally they have a history of providing services to their members since the Credit Union's founding in 1939.

So when we reviewed this credit union we were pleasantly surprised with all the positive responses. Digging further we found the small number of complaints relative to the number of members was negligible. In fact the more we researched the more we liked, especially all the specialized services they provided for free such Financial education for adults and TruEnergy FCU’s the edge, which allows college students (18-22) to take advantage of countless innovative resources and services that will help them manage their money. We loved this aspect of the credit union because it shows that they are looking to help future generations learn how to manage their money into adulthood.

We also found many reviews were highly positive about the credit unions products and services. This clearly shows a credit union members like to bank at TruEngergy Federal CU.

"We could not find any problems with this Credit Union, they provide great service and additional educational services to its members."

Secondly looking at employee reviews working at the credit union we found employees spoke positively about working at the credit union. Specifically we found staff liked the benefits and pay they received as well as they had good relations with management. Secondly Employees who provided reviews highlighted the credit union as a "fun atmosphere, managers who understand that we are human and do make mistakes". We all know that a positive working environment provides a better experience for its members.

" offers exclusive, credit union member prices and rewards with popular programs to save on Hotels, Theme Parks and major brands ."

Now lets See some of TruEnergy FCU Member benefits!

Member of "Love My Credit Union"

TruEnergy FCU is a member of LMCUR. This allows TruEngergy FCU members to receive exclusive discounts. Members can access the website and see the exclusive, credit union member prices and rewards with popular programs to save on. This includes: Hotels, Theme Parks and major brands such as Sprint Cash Rewards, TurboTax, Sprint, Turbotax, FinancialLock etc. For Example Sam Club offers through LoveMyCreditUnion a 40% savings on a 1-Year Membership , for a limited time, you’ll also get a $15 entertainment discount.

Financial Education

As mentioned before TruEnergy FCU members have free access to money management and financial education services, which is through a partnership with GreenPath Financial Wellness.

Members of TruEnergy FCU can receive assistance with:

  • Personal and family budgeting

  • Understanding your credit report and how to improve your score

  • Money management

  • Debt repayment

  • Avoiding bankruptcy, foreclosure and repossession

Dollar Dog Kids Club loves these types of programs set up by credit unions. The TruEnergy FCU Dollar Dog Account is a special savings account for savers 12 and younger. With membership, the kids will receive lots of free stuff.

  • Free Membership Card & Quarter Saver Booklet

  • Newsletter

  • Fun contests, prizes and more

  • Earn coins for deposits made and redeem them for Club Merchandise

Cha-ching! Teen Checking

Cha-ching! Teen Checking is TruEnergy FCU’s Checking Account for teens. Your 13-17-year-olds are encouraged to begin smart money management to make responsible financial decisions and help plan for the future. With membership, they’ll receive access to the cha-ching! Financial Resource giving access to new music, cool videos, blogs from financial experts and more!

  • Visa® debit card

  • 10 Free non-TruEnergy FCU ATM transactions per month

  • Free Home Banking and eStatements

  • Free Mobile & Tablet Apps available

  • No monthly fees

  • Fun contest, prizes and more

  • Newsletter

The edge

TruEnergy FCU’s the edge, is designed for college students (18-22) so they can take advantage of countless innovative resources and services that will help them manage their money the smart way – correctly.

  • Visa® debit card

  • 10 Free non-TruEnergy FCU ATM transactions per month

  • Free Home Banking, Bill Pay, & eStatements

  • Free Mobile & Tablet Apps available

  • Free Remote Deposit

  • No monthly fees

  • Access to Student Loans

Excellent Choice Credit Union

It's not hard to see why this is such a great Credit Union, they have put a lot of time, effort and focus on ensuring their members have the products and services to help them achieve their financial goals . believes TruEnergy Federal Credit Union is well deserved to receive the designation of Excellent choice, Credit Union. (Note 2) . So if you're looking for a great community based credit union and you live or plan to live in the area of Spring Virginia and are eligible to become a member, this could be a great financial institution for you.

Finally we found that TruEnergy Federal Credit Union is a federally insured credit union through NCUA (Note 1) .


Who is Eligible

TruEnergy FCU Membership is available to all full-time, part-time, retired and intern or volunteer employees of Washington Gas Light Company and its subsidiaries, in addition to the approved companies or organizations within the credit unions charter, including:

  • Immediate Family: Spouse, child (step/adopted), sibling (step/adopted), parent, grandparent, grandchild

  • Household Member: Persons living in the same residence

A complete list of affiliated organization within the credit unions charter can be found at the bottom of this page or click here

Once you become a member, your family members also qualify to be members.

Apply Now to become a member.


The following provides additional information on TruEnergy FCU services, branches as well as fees.

Services Offered:

Full Service Credit Union: Yes


Routing Number: 256075520


  • Club Accounts

  • Individual Retirement Accounts

  • Money Market Account

  • Overdraft Protection

  • Deposit Rates

  • Share Certificates

  • Share Savings

  • Youth Accounts

Credit Union Loans:

  • First Mortgages

  • Real Estate Center

  • Home Equity Loans

  • Insurance & Loan Protection

  • Personal Loans

  • Vehicle Loans

  • Student Loans

Credit Card: Visa Credit Union

Credit Union Online

Online and Mobile Banking: Yes

TruEngergy Federal CU Branch Location:

Springfield Branch

Washington Gas Building (SC) 6801 Industrial Road Springfield, Virginia 22151


Monday - Thursday 7:30 am – 4:00 pm

Friday 7:00 am – 4:00 pm

Second Wednesday of the Month 7:30 am – 1:00 p

Fee Schedule:

Complete list of TruEngergy CU's Organizations that are part of their charter, see if your eligible:

Select Employee Groups Include:

Washington Gas Light Company (WGL Holdings, Inc.) and its subsidiaries *(see bleow)


Admiral Security Services

Agile Sourcing Partners

American Combustion Industries (ACI)

American Gas Association (AGA)

American Security Mortgage

Aver Technologies


C&E Services, Inc.

Cleaners of America Corporation

Contracting & Technical Services, Inc.

Columbia Gas & Transmission (NiSource)


Data Systems Technology

EN Engineering

Energytools, LLC


Kalmia Construction Company, Inc

McBride Real Estate Services

Midas Utility Supply

Michael & Son Services

Miller Pipeline

Nagle & Zaller, P.C

Northern Pipeline (NPL)

PN Hoffman

Salvation Army

Team America Contractors, Inc.

Williams Meter Company

* As noted on their website subsidiaries include: Frederick Gas Company, Shenandoah Gas Company, Hampshire Gas Company, Arlington & Fairfax Counties, Alexandria & Winchester, Virginia, Prince George’s, Montgomery Counties, and Frederick, Maryland and Hampshire County, West Virginia


Are Federal Credit Unions Better vs Banks?

Federal Credit Unions banks are local banks that provide financial services to smaller communities and tend to be better than major banks for a number of reason which include:

  1. Better rates on savings accounts and certificates of deposits.

  2. Competitive mortgage rates.

  3. Fees tend to be lower at community banks.

  4. Local deposits are used to make loans to local businesses.

  5. Federal Credit Unions tend to have a better understanding of the communities they serve.

  6. Federal Credit Unions tend to have a more personalized customer service experience and have higher customer satisfaction rates.

  7. Federal Credit Unions provide local jobs and support local charities.



1. The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) is one of two agencies that provide deposit insurance to depositors in U.S. depository institutions. NCUA's standard maximum share insurance amount at $250,000.00.

2. Periodically will name a credit union as a top choice (Top credit union) based on a number of criteria such as customer and employee reviews, complaints, satisfaction, growth, locations, brand and social responsibility. We only select the best credit unions, so they must meet minimum standards of excellences (Excellent Choice) in order to be reviewed by

In Review is a segment of the blog written by Allan R Kirby, who writes and produces Personal Finance articles and videos along with My Success Magazine.


Disclosure: nor the author received any compensation from the mentioned credit union for this article. The article is our opinion only and is written to help readers learn more about local credit unions.



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